Joshua Cassell

Recent Work


While working with Lantern Creek Productions I edited 30+ segments ranging from three to ten minutes each. These were featured on "MO GUARD TV", a 30 minute news-magazine program that aired on 20+ stations throughout Missouri.


In September 2015, I transitioned from freelance to the full-time lead editor for the show and spent the remaining six months performing the complete assembly of each episode which included additional tasks such as chroma-keying, color correction, audio post production, and occasional script writing.


The most challenging obstacle to overcome was working within a tight production schedule to deliver a new episode each month. This often required supplementing footage shot by Lantern Creek with stills and video from the Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System (DVIDS) which was not always the easiest to find. As a result I used my downtime to develop a system within Premiere Pro to organize useful in house footage as well as DVIDS stills and video to limit the amount of time spent looking for useful footage.  Though there were hurdles to overcome as with any project, this was a great opportunity to continue developing my editing abilities and knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite.


Shortly after working with Thumbcat Media on "Feast TV", I was asked to assist in shooting short videos for the LaunchCode Foundation which showcased the success stories of their candidates.  After providing audio and camera operation for several shoots I was asked to begin editing as well.


In May 2015, when Thumbcat Media was no longer able to continue working with LaunchCode, I took over the creation of these videos as well the completion of any existing projects.  These typically required the operation of two cameras in addition to audio and lighting while working within the candidates' schedules.


 For the video to the left, I was tasked with developing the narrative, video editing, music bed composition.  I also shot the additional footage of the candidate, Scott, in his work environment to supplement the interviews and footage shot by Thumbcat Media before their departure.  Working on these videos with LaunchCode was a great opportunity to add to my media production skillset and gain more experience working independently.

Hacienda Mexican Restaurant


During my time as the videographer for LaunchCode another one of my clients was Hacienda Mexican Restaurant.  My first project was to work with their design team, Daley Design, to shoot and edit several 30 second videos focused on their signature margaritas.  This was a very rewarding project because I was able to shoot and edit all four videos to the client's satisfaction in only one day.


 More recently, I was contacted to make an animated info-graphic to promote their Cinco De Mayo 2016 festivities which can be viewed here.  For this project I was provided Adobe Illustrator files for each "slide" to be animated in Adobe After Effects.  In addition to the animation I was also responsible for shooting the live action shot, editing the provided music to the appropriate length, and timing the video edits to correspond with the music.


Joshua Cassell

Video Editor/ Motion Graphics Animator

(206) 492 - 3086

Video Editor with over 5 years of experience editing news-magazine television, corporate communications,

and educational media. Possesses a B.A. in Media Communications and a diverse media production skill-set.

Work History:

Lantern Creek ProductionsDecember 2014 – March 2016

- Full-time Lead Video Editor for episodes of “MO Guard TV” from Sept 2015 – Mar 2016

- Freelance Assistant Video-Editor of television segments for “MO Guard TV” from Dec 2014 – Sept 2015

- Created 2D motion graphic animations for use in television and web based communications.

- Responsible for color correction, chroma keying, and audio mixing for all appropriate projects.

- Worked with staff to improve post production work flow through the development of file management

  procedures as well as streamlining the use of Adobe Premiere Pro and Audition by educating fellow

  editors on lesser known features and the use of keyboard shortcuts.

The LaunchCode FoundationMay 2014 – September 2015

- Videographer, Non-Linear Editor and Music Bed Composer for candidate and company recruitment videos for the

  non-profit organization's home office in St. Louis, MO.

Feast TVJune 2013 – November 2013

- Non-Linear Editor, and Music Bed Composer for television segments for the two time Emmy award-winning news-

  magazine television show.

- Camera Operator and Music Composer for Emmy award-winning “August 2013” episode.

DreamWelder ProductionsMay 2012 – September 2012

- Camera Operator, Non-Linear Editor, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer.

Webster University Media CenterSeptember 2010 - May 2012

- Non-Linear Editing Assistant – Assisted students and faculty with video editing software and hardware.

Shock City StudiosMay 2011 - July 2011

- Audio Production Intern – Assisted with daily operations at a premiere recording studio in St. Louis, MO.


Bachelor of Arts in Media Communications – Emphasis in Audio Production - GPA: 3.984

Webster University, Saint Louis, MO - May 2012


Adobe CC Software: Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Muse.


Other Media Production Software: Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Final Cut Pro 7, Cinema 4D, Avid Media Composer.


Other Skills: File management, 3D modeling and motion graphics, voice-over production, music composition, audio engineering, boom operation, camera operation, studio lighting, chroma keying, and color correction.


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